Port-au-Prince & its surroundings

5 days
Champs de Mars – Noailles – Kenscoff – Montrouis – Petionville

 You will love :

  • Discover Kenscoff & its forts
  • Learn about the art of wrought iron at Noailles Village
  • Soak up the sun at Moulin sur mer

Welcome to Port-au-Prince, the capital of « Sweetie Haiti »!

We often hear about Haiti, especially Port-au-Prince, following the earthquake of January 12, 2010, which deeply devastated the capital and its surroundings. Since then, the city has been rebuilt, leaving behind this castastophy. Scars doesn’t stop its inhabitants strong desire to re-emerge the beauty of the Pearl of the West Indies.

To fully experience Haiti, you first need to understand the country. With this trip, you will explore all the hidden faces of Port-au-Prince

You will discover Haiti through its history, architecture, art and gastronomy. Port-au-Prince & surroundings will also show you mountains as far as you eyes can see and beautiful white sandy beaches just 2 hours drive.

 Prepare your camera to take your most beautiful shots! A little adventure to discover sugar cane is also waiting for you! 

An alé !* Let’s go!

  • Beach
  • Mountains
  • Encountering
  • Transfert
Your itinerary

Day 1: MUPANAH Museum + Visit to Barbancourt rum distillery

To begin your stay in Port-au-Prince, PAP’PADAP! Travels invite you to the Museum of Haitian National Pantheon (MUPANAH). Our guide will be happy you trace the history of Haiti through historical facts, archaeological and ethnographic pieces

You could take the opportunity to contemplate the exhibitions of paintings and artworks which has made Haiti famous in the caribbeans and beyond.

After visiting the MUPANAH, PAP’PADAP! Travels take you to eat in a nice local restaurant where you can continue your journey but this time culinary.

We will end the day by visiting the Barbancourt Rum Distillery which is one of the oldest rums on the island, founded in 1862. 

For rums lovers, our guide will explain the distillation methods and what makes Barbancourt rum so special. At the end of the visit, you can taste this rum, real pride for Haitians.

Duration of the visit: about 4h00

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: lunch – dinner

Day 2: Noailles Village + Forging Activities + Sugarcane Historical Park

Today PAP’PADAP! Travels take you an adventure to the Sugar Cane Historical Park. Our guide will explain the evolution of the sugar industry that was at the basis of French colonial economy. Composed of a museum and several pavilions, be prepared for a journey through time!

After a lunch break full of local flavor, we hit the road towards the artistic village of Noailles, located in the town of Croix-des-Bouquets. A pioneer of the art of wrought iron in the early 1950s, Georges Liautaud, who then made cemetery crosses, stands out for his incredible creativity.

Since then, the village of Noailles became the center of the Haitian iron art.

Finally, we will take you to the various shops and workshops of the village so that you can discover what makes this art so special. Craftsmen will be happy to explain their techniques and why not  initiating some forging!

Duration of the visit: about 6h00 (2 hours roundtrip to village de Noailles)

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 3: Champ de Mars + villa Gingerbread + Pétionville

The day begins with the visit of the Champ de Mars park. Here is the meeting place for street vendors, musicians, students… even lovers!

This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily life of the inhabitants of Port-au-Prince. You can talk with some artists, walk, and understand the Haitians living. 

We continue our tour to discover the Gingerbread Villas of Haiti.

Genuine local architectural heritage, gingerbread houses were built in the late 19th century. House designs exclusively in wood, but has evolved enough to be allied with masonry adorned with drawings

Celebrities like Mick Jagger and Jacqueline even stayed there! Our PAP’PADAP! Travels guide will be happy to explain all the history behind these houses during a special lunch.

Let’s end the visit discovering Pétionville the vibrant city! Located in the mountains of Port-au-Prince, Petionville is a economic and tourist hub. Our guide will show you the city and the best views to admire Port-au-Prince and its bay.

Duration of the visit: around 5 hours

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 4: Jacques & Alexandre forts + Wynne Ecological farm + Boutilliers Observatory

PAP’PADAP! Travels takes you to explore the hills of the country by visiting the Jacques fort, named in honor of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, and Alexandre fort, named after Alexandre Pétion ; national heroes.

These are fortifications that form part of the haitian defensive system to prevent a return of the French after the independence of Haiti.

Your guide will tell you the story of this forts and their roles during the independence of Haiti. In addition to a trip through time with the story of the guide, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Port-au-Prince and its bay.

A picnic area has been set up in the forest so we will enjoy lunch in nature and why not chat with locals! They are always delighted to see travelers interested in their country’s history.

Let’s pursue the day at the Wynne Farm ecological reserve located in Kenscoff Mountains. This farm is dedicated to environmental education to promote sustainable development to save our planet.

After a tour of the farm, roll up your sleeves to start various activities from planting trees to bamboo work. You choose! Yoga class is an available option.

PAP’PADAP! Travels takes you for a drink at the Boutilier Observatory to spend the evening, where you can continue to admire Port-au-Prince sunset.

Duration of the visit: on demand

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 5: Moulin sur Mer

Let’s go to Moulin sur mer! After visiting the hills of the country, we take you to the beach. 

You will spend your last day feet in the water in an idyllic setting worthy of a postcard! 

You can relax on a deckchair or snorkel. Other optional activities will also be offered: paddle boards, jet skis, kayaks, etc.

Optionally, you can also visit the museum Ogier Fombrun located on the ruins of a renovated sugar plantation. You can find a collection of historic objects, but also the functioning of this type of colonial sugar plantation.

We will leave in the late afternoon, towards Port-au-Prince where your stay will end.

Duration of the visit: tbc

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: breakfast – lunch

What's included/not included

What’s included

  • A welcome cocktail

  • ground transportation between stages

  • full board during the stay

  • accommodation

  • the activities included in the circuit snacks (water, snacks)

  • contact with our teams before and during the stay

  • a surprise gift!

What is not included

  • International flights

  • airport taxes/ fees

  • tips to local guides

  • soft drinks and alcohol

  • optional activities not included in the program

  • Transfert aéroports
  • Wyne Farm Ecological Reserve – Yoga Classes

  • Pétionville – Swimming pool in NH or Pacot Breeze Hotel

  • Moulin sur mer – Additional night available + activities: paddle boards, jet skis, kayaks, etc.

  • Montrouis – Ogier Fombrun Museum


Airport transfers, those to your accommodation and during the activities will be carried out either by 4×4 vehicles, Pap padap minivan/buses, or traditional tap tap depending on the size of the group, the type of road in the areas visited and the availability of vehicles from our local partners.

Airport transfer is an available option.


To guarantee an authentic experience, PAP’PAPDAP! Travels welcomes you in Haitian guesthouses and hotels. Depending on the size of the groups and availability, we have selected the most cozy establishments with unique charms so that these moments of relaxation are the most memorable.


Access to hot water available on request (heated by fire) / No internet access in accommodation but purchase of a SIM card is possible


Electricity not available during the day in the Guesthouse (activated on request)


Our solidarity partners

Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve 

This ecological farm in Kenscoff has been dedicated to protect the environment through education for over 50 years! Thanks to agroforestry, the underground water naturally stored underground feeds the village’s water sources. This model makes it possible to supply water to the whole community! Through a guided tour, PAP’PADAP! Travels will make you discover the different activities of the Wynn Farm Ecological Reserve.


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